A much needed break

Things have been quiet around here...on the blog and in our lives. I've been working a couple days a week, and Dave has been doing some end of year billing and other stuff for Natural Plus. But we both have been taking it easy when we can, especially on the days when we are at home together. Sleeping in some mornings, watching a movie in the middle of the afternoon, and even doing some leisure activities, like ice fishing and hunting. IMG_4277

At first I felt a little guilty about not posting as much or not working full days, while everyone else I know is at work. And then I dropped that guilt. Yes, its a slow time for us, but we really haven't sat down and taken some downtime for 2 years. Last October, Dave was still working and we were preparing to move. We moved in November, and immediately tore into our house, painting, flooring, and getting settled in. We worked and worked until spring hit, then we hit the ground running at the nursery. Working 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week. By the end of the summer, we were tired. And in desperate need of a day off. But it didn't come until the ground froze. But now that the crew is done for the year, and we have until next March, we are actually taking advantage of this downtime and relaxing. And its nice.

Our lives look so different now. We work, but it just looks different than it used to. We don't go to an office for 40 hours/week. This time of year, work is scattered throughout our day, in between our housework and doing the things we want to do. And in the spring, work is all the time. It's a cycle.

I apologize for being absent online. But its been really nice to take that pressure off and take some time to do other things (even if it is just resting on the couch with a movie)...It won't be long and spring will be here and we will be back at it again. But for now, I'm taking it easy. Because life's too short to work all the time.