How to Use Your Food Processor 101

IMG_5554 I love my food processor. Just ask Dave. Every time I get it out to use it (almost daily) I express my unconditional love for it. It has changed the way I cook. And the beauty is, I don't think I've scratched the surface on what it can do.

I love it so much, I convinced my sister that she HAD to have one. So she got one. And doesn't use it. And I know she is not alone.

I do feel bad about that because they aren't cheap, so to rectify the situation, I thought I would do a few blog posts on "How to Use your Food Processor." **disclaimer: I am not an expert, but I do love to use it!

Lesson 1: Shred carrots. Wash and cut up the carrots. I don't even peel them. IMG_5555

Put the shredder attachment in your food processor, turn on, and feed the carrots in the top and viola! You have shredded carrots! IMG_5556

I use shredded carrots on a lot of things: in salads, stir frys, added to spaghetti sauce, egg hash, mixed in with ground beef for a meatloaf or burgers to name a few.

I have also used this to shred sweet potatoes and regular potatoes for hash browns. And of course, you can use it to shred a block of cheese (melts so much better than the bagged shredded cheese!)

Anyone else LOVE their food processor? What other things do you use the shredder attachment for?