Does anyone out there use Quickbooks? Since March, I have jumped in headfirst and had to learn about accounting, reconciling, and all that encompasses the "business" side of a small business. It has been a real adventure and sometimes my head spins with all the new knowledge.

A few weeks ago, I attended a quickbooks course, to learn more about how to use this tool in our business. I have gotten pretty good at the banking part of quickbooks (entering in transactions and reconciling at the end of the month) but wanted to learn more about the reports that quickbooks generates, and how we can use it to track our customers and vendors. If you use the tool correctly, it can really help you analyze how your business is doing and help you make decisions for the future.

I learned a lot in the class, but the most valuable lesson was:

I need to learn A LOT more about accounting.

Which is why I got this book:


Its taking me a bit to get through..but luckily there is not a waiting list at the library so they have let me renew it a million times.

Anyone out there struggling with learning quickbooks or basic accounting principles?

Any suggestions or quick tips you want to share?