In October, Dave and I are giving a presentation to the Clear Lake garden club about edible landscaping. I've been doing some experimenting and trialing with herb gardening and have a little bit of experience with vegetable gardening, but I think we are both beginning to realize we maybe don't know enough about this topic to give a talk about it. Looks like we're going to need to research. Here's what I know about mint:

I bought some mint in the store and put it in a glass jar with water. It grew roots. Then I planted it in a pot. And it spread: IMG_5758

Mint should be contained in a pot, unless you want to it go crazy and take over an area. Because it will.

Mint is good with cucumber in water. IMG_5867

It tastes good in a mojito.

I love mint tea to calm upset stomach or help with digestion after eating.

I would have to say mint is one of my favorite herbs and smells. I hope to experiment more with it in my cooking.

Anyone have any great recipes using mint?