Simple and Happy

IMG_5575 I've been reading a lot of books about happiness, simplicity, and getting the most out of life. I've had a lot of ideas and thoughts on what to do with all of this information (another blog? a journal? write a book?) but I am constantly met with self doubt and thoughts on why I shouldn't move forward with any of these plans.

So instead of not doing anything, I thought I would keep it simple and do something. I'm not going to commit to anything (like taking a picture everyday, or a 30 day challenge of some sort), but I am going to commit to posting things that inspire me. Writing about things that have made an impact on my life. Things that I feel are worth sharing.

I have put this blog (or ideas of this blog) in a box that I think other people are expecting it to be. Its a blog about our life and the take over of Natural Plus. But its also a space that reflects our life and me. I hesitate to post certain things if I don't think it fits the "mold" of what I think this blog should be. I hope to no longer do this and post about what makes me happy.

I have noticed a theme that I want to move forward with.

I love simplicity. I love less clutter, order, organization. I love simple, whole foods. I love gardening and growing my own food. I love being happy. I love making other people happy.

In everything I do 2 words seem to be the common denominator.

Simple and happy.

Thats how I want my life to look. So that's what I'm going to do from here on out.

Keep it simple and be happy.

Starting now.