We are quickly approaching fall, where everything is pumpkins and apples. IMG_5822

We have a couple big apple trees at Natural Plus and I'm hoping to get a crop of apples from them.

A few months ago, we tried a recipe to keep the bugs out of the apples. We cut a hole in the top of gallon jugs and filled with 1 c apple cider vinegar, 1 c sugar, 1/4 c chopped banana peel, and water. We hung the gallon jugs in a few lower branches near the trunk, about 3 jugs/tree.


I checked the apples last night and a lot of them had holes where worms or bugs got in, so its hard to say if our concoction worked. But I did pick about 1/3 of a 5 gallon bucket that were okay (it was about all I could take--darn mosquitos!)

Last night, I experimented making applesauce. The winning combination was apples and blended Furleigh strawberries with a bit of honey from the Curtis's down the lane. Now that is LOCAL. ;)