My adventures with alternative oral care

IMG_5065 Since I've been on this adventure of growing and storing my own food, I've also been moving toward eliminating the chemicals and toxins in a lot of our cleaning and body products. I make my own all purpose cleaner recipe , laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, hand soap, face lotion, shampoo and condition (with failed results), and now toothpaste. After doing a lot of research and asking my dental hygienist, I decided to change my toothbrushing routine.

I decided to make my own toothpaste and used the recipe from Wellness Mama. I left out the stevia, so it really isn't sweet at all. Its definitely different the crest or colgate, and takes some getting used to...but I love coconut oil so it didn't take me long. Through the whole process of switching over, I have learned that the key to oral care is flossing. I do this everyday and it makes a huge difference.

After months of flossing, then brushing with my homemade toothpaste, I was realizing I was kind of missing that minty fresh feeling after brushing. So I added a mouth wash. I think I've found the winning combination now: floss, brush with homemade toothpaste, and mouth wash. This routine seems to be working, but I guess we'll see at my next check up!

If you're interested in making any of your own cleaning or body products, let me know, I can email you some recipes to get you started.

Anyone have recipes they want to share?