Throwback Tuesday?

IMG_5192I'm behind the times in most things (that's what happens when you move to a farm and decide to live and work on said farm..) but as I peruse social media, I have seen a lot of hashtags for throwback thursdays. I am not very good at following directions, hence my throwback on a Tuesday, but, today just seemed like a good day to look back on all the stuff we have done in the past year. I have been writing on this blog for a year. It doesn't seem possible, but it is. Its fun to look back at how it has evolved and is a great journal for the beginning of Natural Plus for Dave and I.

A year ago I had quit my job, we were in the process of selling our house, and we were dreaming up big dreams and possibilities for Natural Plus.

We have come so far.  We took a business class and passed survived a move, went to the green expo and nursery convention, did a TON of home renovation (too many to link to), took a much needed break to Hawaii, became "official nursery owners", continued to dream some more, survived the first open house, and are now cruising through summer, quickly approaching fall. Whew!

We continue to have big hopes and dreams for Natural Plus.  I have read a few books on marketing, Dave and I are both feeling more comfortable with the plant material and ordering, and I think I'm getting the hang of quickbooks and tax paying.  We both still have a ton to learn, but everyday it seems we are getting the hang of this nursery stuff.

Stay tuned for more adventures in nursery land.