When people are mean.

Life isn't always fair.  And people aren't always nice.  That's life. But boy does it suck when someone is mean to you.

I had an "encounter" today with a mean person.  In fact, I was just blindsided by this person's temper.  And in the moment I had trouble finding the right words, or the correct way to act.   After the "encounter" I was pretty shook up.  I kept replaying it in my head. Did I say something wrong? What did I do to deserve to be treated that way?  Why would someone be so mean?

Then I realized it has nothing to do with me.  When people are mean, its usually something going on with them.  They're unhappy, so they are spreading their unhappiness around.  Since this person's "meanness" has nothing to do with me, there really is nothing I'm going to do that would make them happy or less mean.

So instead of using my energy on this person,  I decided to do something nice (such as writing a note to a friend) to make 3 people in my life happy.

I took one negative "encounter" and turned it into 3 happy positive experiences that made me feel much better!  I highly recommend trying this next time someone is mean!