Garden planted.

Last Sunday when we weren't working the nursery, we were planting the garden. In the morning, we started lettuce, spinach, kale, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, carrot, and broccoli from seed.


That evening, we planted sunflowers, garlic, peas, green beans, jalepeno, habenero, and bell peppers, cabbage, and okra in our garden.


Our garden is fertilized with dirt mixed with horse manure. I was surprised when I grabbed a clump of dirt to break it up, but it just squished between my fingers. SO GROSS. So I washed my hands and put gloves on. IMG_4964

Much better. IMG_4965

We got a good amount planted, but still have room for more. I think we are going a little overboard, but we are both so excited to finally have the room to make our garden big!