House projects

We have been busy changing all the floors and wall colors in our house, and we are finally getting to the decorating! I love planning out the details of a room. I like to keep it simple and functional, and use things that have meaning to us (and preferably cheap or free stuff!) Here are a few of the projects I’ve been working on. Bluebirds of happiness:

These bluebirds were Dave's parents and were displayed in the living room in a glass cabinet. When I cleaned it out, I put them aside, hoping to use them in our kitchen. When we went up north for a weekend away, we stopped in a Norwegian gift shop, and there were the birds! IMG_3601 Apparently, they are the bluebirds of happiness. Awesome. I love being happy. I did a little research on the internet, and found this saying with the picture. Perfect for our kitchen. Printed it out, cut it, framed it, and wa-la! A key holder!


Postcard Wall: For years, I’ve been collecting postcards with the hope that someday I could make a postcard wall. Well the day is here! Luckily I didn’t have to spend very much money on this project because my mother in law loves pictures and had a lot of frames she let me use! Bonus! I spray painted the frames a creamy white color, IMG_3317 then chose the postcards that fit the best in the frames I had. IMG_3318I arranged them on the floor to get an idea of how I might place them on the wall, IMG_3719then handed them to Dave and told him where to nail them up. The whole process was very precise and scientific. Like everything we do. Ha!

IMG_4534I love how it turned out…Currently this is in our office, but I'm thinking I may move these to the spare room.. either way, I love looking at them.

Pillow Redo: This is my first attempt at recovering a pillow. I have been wanting to use my sewing machine more and have used it a couple times since moving into our home. I think its something I could really get into, just have to make time for it. My mom gave us these pillows (more free stuff!) and I wanted to use them in the living room, but the pattern wasn’t really going with the new décor. I wanted to pull a color from the dining room or mudroom into the living room, so I used the yellow. The recovered pillows look pretty good in our living room. IMG_3956

Slowly but the surely the details are coming together. These "house projects" are going to be put on hold, as we have a lot of "nursery projects" to do now that the weather is warming up!