The Right Track

IMG_0164 We met with Dan and Ted at the Pappajohn Business Center today. We are really in the thick of this business succession, and stuff is getting real.

Contracts are being drawn up, stuff is being signed, accounts are being opened, checks are being written... Operating a business is no joke. We had a lot of questions answered today, and were challenged with questions about future plans and things to think about. I feel very fortunate to have this free resource available to us.

This whole thing is a process, a journey. We were reminded today that its not all going to happen in a day. Or a month. Or even this first year. Too often, businesses try to make big changes all at once, and they flop. We plan to make small changes that over time will add up to be the big changes that the nursery needs.

We have a lot to do, but all we really can do is one day and decision at a time.

It feels good to have encouragement and confirmation that we really are on the right track.