Spread the Love: A new series

Photo by Jami Graves

As a new small business owner with an already existing client base and hopefully growing our own client base... I feel I have a unique opportunity to spread the word about local businesses in the community that I live.

One of my intentions last year was to transition to buying most of our groceries locally or grow it ourselves. I love to go to the farmer’s markets to get fresh produce and eggs. I also buy our meat from local farmers, and it just tastes better. There seems to be a slow growing trend where people are trying to get back to buying their food locally. It appears to be more available, but not yet available enough.

Diving into small business ownership excites me for many reasons, but one in particular is being a part of our community. AS part of this small business community, I feel like I have been given an opportunity to reach more people. Knowledge is power, if just one person learns about just one local source of food or a new local business to support, my work here is done.

I hope to do a series of blog posts to highlight good sources of local food and products, or small businesses in our area that we love. Cause why not spread the love, right?

Support local businesses. It's fun.

What's your favorite local business?