Ideas in Motion for 2014

I work at Mercy, and their big push is for staff to develop "Ideas in Motion" to work on everyday to help make the work environment better. I like the concept so I thought I would put together a list of "Ideas in Motion" or things we're working on for the nursery this year. 1. Clean up the A-frame, and display the pots and décor in a more appealing way. We bought new ceramic pots and fountains and putting them down in the A-frame has me itching to get down there to start cleaning things up.



2. Sell t-shirts. We will put our new logo on some t-shirts and I hope to make a few that have cute sayings on them: NaturalPlusgarden Any other ideas of a t-shirt you would like to wear?

3. Sell more gift store items. I saw some wicker baskets at the trade show that I love. In fact, I tried to buy one but they wouldn’t sell it because it was part of the display. I thought they looked so cute and would be perfect for taking to the farmers market for your veggies. IMG_3976 Would you like to see other gift-type items in the A-frame when you visit the nursery?

4. Sell annuals. We are still working out the details of this, but we will have some annuals, in limited quanties to trial this year and possibly some herbs or starter vegetables. Stay tuned.

5. Survey our customers. We want to know what you think, so we can make your experience at Natural Plus great. How did you hear about us? We would love to do a loyalty or rewards program to show our customers that we appreciate them. Would you take part in a loyalty program?

6. Buy a cash register to make check out quicker.. because this is what we have now. IMG_3670

And last but definitely not least. 7. Have fun while we're doing all of it.