Tech Tuesday: Tweet it out.

I attended another Tech Tuesday at the Chamber.  Dave got to come with me because he is done with work now! Woohoo! Its been really nice to have him at home working on the house. I feel like we've gotten so much done in the past week.Anywhoo… The presentation was put on by Sara Broers @saramomof2. I setup a Twitter account for Natural Plus (@naturalplusm) a few weeks ago but haven't the slightest clue what I'm doing. I'm hoping to do a little tweeting and twittering, but feel a little overwhelmed right now about our best strategy for using all the technology that is out there:   Linked In, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Google+…and it goes on. I wish there was only one to choose from. IMG_3774

I do think in due time I will fall into a routine and figure out what is going to be best for the business.  I want to get the word out, but at this point I'm not sure twitter is where I should be spending all of my time. For now, I'll focus my efforts on this blog and the website.  Oh yea…and painting every room in my house.

Ps. Follow us! Twitter: @naturalplusm Instagram: @naturalplusnursery