A Small Snag

We hit our first real "snag" in the home renovations.  I may be naive but I was really hoping we would just cruise right along with the painting, floor laying, and redecorating.  The first bedroom reno went relatively smooth.We started in on the second bedroom (going to be our bedroom) and were hoping to have it complete by the time we do the switcheroo in mid November.IMG_3806Dave bought me this steamer and I started in on removing the wallpaper.  It was working great.IMG_3803  Until I discovered this:IMG_3810Yellow striped wallpaper underneath the blue stuff.  Yikes.   I worked a couple hours and left the room looking like this: IMG_3807 IMG_3808Good news:  I didn't have to spend today working on the wallpaper.Bad news:  Dave thinks we need to call in a professional.This is the first "unexpected expense" out of many I suspect.  BUT, in the grand scheme of things, it is just a small snag.