Business plan

On our road trip to Ames we multi-tasked and started our business plan.  I jotted down notes while we went through the sample business plan and discussed ideas.  We made really good progress considering we were having trouble even getting started this week.  Road trips seem to be the best time to talk about important stuff.During the 3 hour trip, we brainstormed ideas for the future of Natural Plus so we can develop our business plan.  The business plan is a long, detailed document addressing pretty much every aspect of the business: financials, management, advisory boards, products and services, marketing, etc.  We also started talking about how we will present our business plan to the class.  There's a competition for best business plan and most likely to succeed--and we want to win!IMG_3505The deeper we get into the "business ownership" stuff, the more excited we get.  Its going to be a ton of work, but the work will be ours.