OH boy!

IMG_3674Oh boy, is that class boring.Yikes. Last night was our first Master Gardener Class through the Iowa State Extension office.  We have enjoyed the first 2 weeks of our business class because it is an open forum, with class discussion encouraged.  The time seems to go pretty quickly.  This Gardener class is the exact opposite.  It is lectures that are taking place at Iowa State, in Ames..so we meet in a room and watch 3 1/2 hours of lecture on things like plant taxonomy and soil consistencies.  I do believe that we will learn a lot in this class; it is a great refresher for Dave (he studied this in college) and an introduction for me (I had biology but I took human stuff). I did learn some about composting and soil (that's one of my goals!) and about how they classify and distinguish between plants.  The time just seemed to crawl by.The class is 7 weeks long (?) and could be pretty brutal.  But just something we have to do as a step toward owning the nursery, and knowing what the heck we are talking about when customers ask us crazy questions about their shrubs and bushes.  We do get to go to campus in a couple weeks for a more hands on course.  Looking forward to that.October is sure to be a CRAZY month.  We are headed to Leech Lake tonight for a couple days.  A week from today the movers will start to take things to the auction. The next weekend Dave's parents will have most of their big furniture out, and that following weekend we move! Woah!  All the while, during the week Dave is working full time and we are taking classes every Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Dave starts hockey on Sunday nights very soon.   And add in home renovations and settling in?? ha! Hold on tight, here we go!