I am done with full time least for now. And I can't really tell you how I feel about it. I am excited that my days are now mine, to do with them what I want. But I also have a touch of guilt.  Dave is still working and plans to for another 3 months.  Its funny how the roles reversed so quickly. Our original plan was for me to keep working (as a traveling OT) and Dave would quit his job.  I understand his reservations with that plan now. The guilt I am feeling I know I am putting on myself. Dave tells me (and I believe him) that he does not resent the fact that I am not working. We're a team, we're in this together. And his time will soon come (December 5 at the latest), where he won't have to work for the man anymore too.   Until then, I plan to be the best "housewife" I can be.