my husband dave and i bought his parent's nursery and landscaping business 3 years ago, called natural plus nursery. the name "natural plus" has always been a part of my husband's life as he grew up in the business, but now it has become my life too. we live and work on the same piece of land here in clear lake, ia, and cherish the traditions and history of the land and those that came before us. The word natural strikes me as the perfect way to describe me and my way of life:

natural (nach-er-uh l)

noun:  person regarded as having an innate gift of talent for a particular activity

adjective: 1. existing in or caused by nature, not made or caused by humankind

 2. not having any extra substance or chemicals added

things I love:  my husband dave, my 2 babies: baby david in heaven, and the little nugget in my oven, my dog: #lenathepup, my family and friends, gardening, being outdoors, yoga, canning and healthy eating, teaching and connecting with others. 

thanks for following along on my journey!