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I have a thing for helping others find their happy.
— Mary Sena Hopper

Mary Sena is my first and middle name. Hopper is my last name. Sena is a little bit of an odd name, but I absolutely love it, and my family and close friends all know me as Sena. I’m named after my great grandma, Mildred Sena. I’m thankful they chose Sena, not Mildred.

I am a former occupational therapist, turned small business owner, blogger, retired tupperware lady, mom, wife, woman and just all around self development junkie.

 After spending 2 years on a debt snowball and getting out of $70,000+ of debt, we (my husband Dave and I) purchased his family business (Natural Plus Nursery) in March 2014. We both quit our full time jobs, and plunged into small business ownership. I guess you could say, we have always been risk takers because we truly believe that it’s our responsibility to create the life we want to live for ourselves.

In March of 2015, our world was completely flipped upside down. Our first son, David, was born still. I left the hospital empty handed and devastated. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and from the moment I decided to never take anything for granted, including my TIME. I wanted to be in control of my days, and spend them doing the things that I love. When we had our second son on January 8, 2017, it became even more apparent that I want to teach him that anything is possible, and that life isn’t all about work.

Our first priority is FAMILY.

A little history of us

2013 was the year of getting married.


2014 was the year of Natural Plus Nursery. More about our family business here.


2015 was the year of our son David Holtan and a whole boatload of grief. Some of my writings on that here and here, and here.

2016 was the year of pregnancy.

Our announcement here, expecting after loss here, and then updates at 24 weeks, 28 weeks, 31 weeks, 37 weeks, and 39 weeks.


2017 was the year of Holtan Armand (our second son).

adventures in Cloth Diapering, and Baby wearing

2018 was the year I had a successful Tupperware business.

Famous homemade chipotle seasoning recipe here, some of my experiences in direct sales here, secrets to success in direct sales here, and getting real about my business here.


and 2019 is the year of Baby #3 joining our family: Coming December 20.


This blog is my creative outlet, a chance for me to share my passions, my truths, my life and my business with others in hopes they can be inspired to create a life they truly love.

I’m glad you are joining me.