I didn’t always set out to be building a Tupperware business, but looking back over the last 5 years, I have intentionally created this life.

I went to school to be an occupational therapist; after working for 5 years, I realized quickly that I didn’t want to be punching in and out, asking for vacation days, and working for someone else’s dream. I wanted to be working toward my own dreams, and I wanted more flexibility.  After spending 2 years on a debt snowball and getting out of $70,000+ of debt, we purchased his family business in March 2014. We both quit our full time jobs, and plunged in to small business ownership.

In March of 2015, our world was completely flipped upside down. Our first son, David, was born still. I left the hospital empty handed and devastated. Nothing in life is guaranteed, and from the moment I decided to never take anything for granted, including my TIME. I wanted to be in control of my days, and spend them doing the things that I love. When we had our second son on January 8, 2017, it became even more apparent that I want to teach him that anything is possible, and that life isn’t all about work.

Our first priority is FAMILY.

Since buying the nursery I have been attending a social media networking group and met my up line Michelle. She has made a full time income working her business around her family out of Sheffield IA, and I saw that I could have that too. I joined with hesitation, but quickly realized that this was a way to provide income for my family, doing something I was passionate about: creating, healthy eating, and cooking, all while working flexible hours around my family and other business.

I LOVE building a team of inspiring women and encouraging them daily to do what makes them happy. I have a passion for teaching and connecting with others. I love the relationships that have emerged from growing my customer base around my family, my nursery business, and everything else in my life. I am truly creating the lifestyle that I want and I’m excited to help others have that option too.

This blog is my creative outlet, a chance for me to share my passions, my truths, and my business with others in hopes they can be inspired to create a life they truly love.