He's here!

I'm just a few weeks late, but I wanted to introduce our newest crew member!

Holtan Armand Hopper was born Sunday morning, January 8, 2017 at 3:34 am, weighing 5 lbs, 15.8 oz and 19.5 inches long. 


The last 2 weeks have been a blur of baby snuggles, middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, growing, naps, and love.

Lots of love. 


We could't be happier. 

And we wait...

As we hit 39 weeks pregnant, the anticipation and anxiety are mounting...

What will this birth be like?

Will we have a baby boy or girl?

How will I feel after?

What will life be like when we bring this nugget home? 

How long will it take to "adjust"--whatever that means?

photo by jami milne

photo by jami milne

So many questions that will be answered in time.  

photo by jami milne

photo by jami milne

Until then, we wait. 

Thoughts on 37 weeks.

Today marks 37 weeks. 

photo cred: Jami Milne.

photo cred: Jami Milne.

We are so, so close. 

I have so many emotions, thoughts, and feelings, but mostly the anticipation and excitement wins over all of it.  In 2, maybe 3 weeks, we will have a baby joining us (and maybe before!)

I taught my last yoga class a couple weeks ago, at 35 weeks. I feel so fortunate that I was able to keep teaching yoga throughout my pregnancy. And this week, I went to class, and plan to go each week until this baby makes his/her debut! Yoga has so many benefits, both physical and mental and especially for my stretched and bulky body, and my anxious and nervous mind! 

We are up to once a week doctor appointments and have had extra testing (non stress and ultrasounds) every week to make sure baby is still doing okay! And so far, so good! I am ready to be done with weekly appointments, but I know it is temporary, and worth it. 

I love this photo of the front of the baby's face. The ultrasound was showing chubby cheeks and hair. :)

I was so fortunate to have our friend Jami drive up from Des Moines to spend the afternoon with me on Tuesday, snapping photos of my belly. I have only seen a few of her shots so far, but I know I am going to be so grateful that she documented this time. 

photo cred: Jami Milne.

photo cred: Jami Milne.

It is a time of waiting. We are resting, and sleeping in (while we still can) and enjoying our time just the three of us (Lena is ready to be a big sister too!) 

The outpouring of love for this sweet baby has been overwhelming (in a good way) and so, so appreciated. 

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! 




thoughts on 31 weeks

On more positive and brighter news.....

We're just chugging along on this pregnancy train! Choo choo! 

31 weeks. 

I continue to expand around the middle, and I know it will only continue. Yay!

There is less and less room in my torso for my lungs and stomach, making it hard to breathe, and also to digest the amount of tacos I prefer to eat. But I know this is temporary, and soon I will be eating as many tacos as I want again.

I'm excited to see what the next 9 weeks bring for me. 9 weeks. He/she will be earth side in 9 weeks or less. Yay!

We finally got registered at Target. We have no idea what we're doing. But I'm not worried about it. We have enough love and time and energy (right now!) to give this baby what it needs. We will figure it out as it goes. 

I'm having a baby shower. Because that's what you're supposed to do. I feel weird and awkward asking people for gifts, but for some reason when you have a little nugget inside you, people want to buy you stuff. So I guess, bring on the stuff (but only if its on my registry please!--i'm only kidding!) 

I'm still feeling really good. Still teaching yoga once a week. I do have a pain in my right shoulder blade and daylight savings time is really messing with me. I'm ready for bed around 7:30 and am lucky to make it to 9 pm. I'm definitely feeling a lot of my energy going straight to the baby, who enjoys kicking me right in the ribs hourly. 

This time feels like a time of limbo. A time of anticipation, yet a time of unknowns. How will this baby be born? When? What will life be like after? 

I'm trying not to have expectations but its hard not to envision our lives come January. 

The next few weeks will be spent finishing up some house projects, collecting lots of baby stuff, enjoying family and a slower pace of life over the holidays, and resting.

Lots of resting. 

Cheers to 31 weeks!